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Privacy Policy

As privacy is an important consideration, guarding the information of our customers is a commitment of ours. Therefore, our Privacy Policy includes language about how your private information will be handled once it is submitted to our company. We use this Privacy Policy to cover our website, (the “Site”). Take into account that our Privacy Policy is applicable solely to the data collected via our Site, and will not be available to third-party websites, their companies or organizations linked to our Site.

Data We Access and Store

Our company obtains private or personal information to ensure we have the data required to fulfill your requests for our services or goods via our Site. To be specific, this pertains to the data we collect from you with your permission during the quoting process for insurance. For instance, we may ask you for your telephone number, address, email, full name or other relevant details in order to be connected to agents and insurance companies that want to give you a price quote and other information concerning their insurance policies. In addition, we will collect data related to your specific demographic, and this will include details such as ZIP Code, marital status, gender or other information that may not be directly connected with details of a personal nature.

Disclosure of Data Sharing

When we are sharing your personal data, it will only be in the following situations or scenarios:

Requesting an Insurance Quote from the Site - When you access the Site and choose to enter information of a personal nature for services, products or other insurance quotes, we will allow access to personal data you have entered in the quote request form (for example, address, full name, email, telephone numbers and title data about your car) with other trusted websites outside of our own Site. This includes other insurance carriers, insurance agents, insurance service providers (“Service Providers”) and lead aggregators affiliated with our Site who will process your application with the sole purpose of providing your insurance quote. In some instances, there could be a need to ask you to provide additional data to be shared with other third-party insurance Service Providers we are affiliated with.

Third-party insurance Service Providers associated with our Site and network have contracted with us in legal agreements that allow us to share the personal data we collect from you with them within legal limits. By fully complying with state and federal regulations or laws concerning personal data privacy, third-party insurance Service Providers found on our Site are allowed to access information with the level of security we ourselves hold. When you complete your application online through our Site, you do so with the full understanding that the Service Providers we list may attempt to call you, send you an email or send you a physical document via the postal service. The sole goal of these contacts by third-party insurance Service Providers is to give you a reliable quote on car insurance. They may call only to process or fulfill your car insurance requests. If you have signed up for the National Do Not Call List under the Federal Trade Commission, any state equivalent Do Not Call List, or the Do Not Call List of these Service Providers, you will need to make a specific communication to the Service Providers to request a “do not contact” at the conclusion of the call. This ensures the Service Providers do not contact you in the future, and will be accountable if they continue unwanted calls. Although you may not choose that particular third- party Service Provider for your insurance, these Service Providers may retain your personal data.

De-Identified, Non-Personal or Aggregate Date - When sharing collected data that does not identify you personally, this also includes the data of other persons collectively involved in your application for car insurance. This non-personal and de-identified data will be collected by our Site, third-party Service Providers or affiliates to help us concisely target advertising based on demographics. For example, if our company has a large number of applicants in the 18 to 35 age group range, we may choose to advertise to that group based on data that will stay in our systems, but will not identify you personally in any way.

As Required by Federal or State Law - When sharing your personal data, we are required not to restrict requested access by law enforcement at the local, state or federal level. For instance, court orders, subpoenas, state/federal audits, warrants and other scenarios that give us indications your personal information needs to be shared to prevent, investigate or take full action in reference to criminal activities such as suspicions of fraud, violations of our Terms of Use, an instance where a person’s life or physical safety may be threatened or any other legal requirement addressed to our company in regards to applicants.

Transfer of Business - In situations where our company is incorporated, merged, sold, divested, consolidated, provided as a sales asset or otherwise entered into an agreement with another company, your data will be protected under our Privacy Policy. In the case of these types of business exchanges, our successors will also obtain your personal data collected by us at the time of your application, the Privacy Policy will continue to be legally binding by the succeeding company unless you submit in writing to our company that you will not allow these actions.

Technologies of Data Collection


When data is collected from you via the Site such as your email contact information, you have officially registered with us or third-party Service Providers for future communications. This data will be used to send you promotionals, newsletters or other emails with offers. In the case you do not want to receive emails of this nature, please click on the opt-out option by following the email that allows you to unsubscribe from these communications.

Advertisements by Third-Party Service Providers

Please annotate for your records that we cannot control the mailing lists or policies of third-party advertising companies. Our Site is fully responsible for protecting your privacy, but advertising on our website that asks you to click-out and provide your personal information is out of our realm of control. Conversely, any personal and private data you provide to any Service Provider in our closed network is fully protected under contract to procedures and other privacy policies outlined by state or federal law. Any company connected to advertising parties via our website will need to be communicated with directly in order to stop receiving their emails.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security

Information and data you submit is important to you, and we take care to ensure the security of this data. For example, employees and agencies that can access your personal data is limited, and we require all access to your data to be requested with standards that conform to or exceed federal or state regulations. When requesting to access your personal data to provide an insurance quote, we require third-parties safeguard the security of electronic, physical or procedural data.

Third-Parties Linked from the Site

All information obtained via the Site will be subject to this Privacy Policy. Regardless, when linking out to other websites from our Site, please remember that third-parties or outside websites will function with their own security policy and privacy policies. For this reason, when choosing service providers through our Site, be aware that clicking on a link that redirects you to a new web browser page is administered according to their own, separate privacy policy. When clicking out on a link from our website, we ask you to find and read the privacy policies of all Service Providers to ensure your data is secure.


When using our website, you must submit information clarifying you are at least 18-years- old. We shall not collect your data knowingly with the intentions to disclose or use that data if the persons applying at our website are currently under 18-years- old. This does not prohibit the use of the website by someone under age 18, however it is required that anyone under age 18 use our website only with the help of a parent, legally appointed foster parent or guardian.

Foreign Applicants Outside of the United States

The intention of this Privacy Policy is to collect information needed to cover a person who is driving a vehicle within the United States. This also includes visitors to America that do not have a permanent American address. Despite this, our Privacy Policy is intended to follow the data protection and other privacy laws of the United States. Other countries may have less comprehensive or exceedingly high standards about electronic data collection. By accessing our website and using our insurance-matching services, it is with the acknowledgement that you will be agreeing to the terms agreed to in our Privacy Policy concerning third-parties accessing your data and having that information transferred to their facilities. This means the laws put in place by your country of residence may not be regarded, observed or enforced.

Suggestions or Questions Concerning Privacy Policy

Please submit any requests, suggestions, questions, concerns or errors about our Privacy Policy by using our Contact Us page.

Privacy Policy Changes Disclaimer

This Privacy Policy is subject to changes at any time. We reserve the right to material changes, but if this Privacy Policy changes in regards to usage of private data, we will alert you immediately by posting changes to the Site via email. We also require that you take responsibility to check our Privacy Policy each time you access our website, and are aware of privacy practice changes. Each time the Privacy Policy is updated, it will include a timestamp of those changes. Using our website means you have agreed to any changes we have made, but we can be contacted at any time to provide those details to you in writing.

Your Agreement

When accessing the Site, you are clarifying you agree and comply with our Privacy Policy. If you object to our Privacy Policy, discontinue your use of any part of our website immediately. By accessing the website to obtain an insurance quote request or any other data, you authorize us legally to share your private data with our third-party Service Providers in order to obtain a quote, and these third-parties can communicate with you via email, mail or phone. Please notify these third-parties directly if you do not want to receive communications from them.

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