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Getting cheap rates on auto insurance

Obtaining Cheap Rates on Quality Automobile Insurance

There are some insurance companies that try to get your business by offering cheap rates. But those cheap rates are also accompanied by limited coverage, such as paying out the minimum on property damage or bodily injury claims, along with a claims process that may prove to be difficult and unresponsive when you need them most. Rather than choosing a car insurance company offering cheap rates with spotty service and minimal coverage, why not opt to invest in quality coverage that's also affordable.

Experienced insurance professionals can help customize your auto insurance policy so that it not only meets your needs but also stays within your budget. So don't quickly accept the quote offered by an insurance company specializing in cheap insurance. Don't settle for less than the flexible coverage you need, along with a choice of billing options. Ask if the company enables you to pay your premiums on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. Will they accept payments online, through the mail or directly from your checking account? Before choosing an insurance company, look for one offering flexibility and affordability rather than simply the cheapest rate.

Where to search for affordable car insurance?

You're looking for the best value, rather than just the cheapest rate, when you compare car insurance premium quotes. So here are some factors to take into consideration beyond low rates:

Is the insurance policy issued by a dependable carrier that is able to customize your specific car insurance policy to meet both your lifestyle needs as well as your budget?

How is the company's claims process? The best insurance companies offer customer service that's easy to access round the clock. Can you easily file a claim online or by phone 24/7?

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates?

Among the many factors that affect the premium rates an insurance company offers you are certain things under your control:

The make and model of vehicle you drive: The value and style of your automobile affects how high or low your insurance rates will be. When looking to trade in your car, consider that older cars tend to be less expensive to insure than brand new models.

The type of coverage selected: If you're driving an older model car with high mileage, you can save money by not taking comprehensive or collision coverage in order to enjoy lower premiums.

Your deductible amount: By increasing your deductible, the amount you pay out first from your own pocket, you can decrease your car insurance rate. You will probably pay out less over time by paying lower premiums and putting what you save on premium rates in the bank.

Where do you park your car? Whether you park on the street, or keep your car in a garage or a private driveway can help to lower insurance rates. The safety of the neighborhood where you keep your car also matters.

Who's listed on your policy? Adding other family members, especially a teenager, to your policy, causes higher rates. Teens tend to be more expensive to insure since statistics show they're involved in more accidents.

Are you a safe driver? Many companies offer discounts the longer you have a safe driving record with no traffic violations or accident claims. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about any programs you qualify for that will lower your insurance costs.

Apply For Special Discounts

Many insurance companies offer special rate discount programs if you qualify:

Affinity discount: You may belong to a union or other group or organization and your membership in this group may qualify you for a discount offered by the insurance company.

Good student discount: By keeping up a certain grade point average, students can qualify for cheaper car insurance through special student discount programs.

Multiple policies discount: If your household purchases multiple types of insurance policies, such as automobile, life and homeowners, from the same company, ask about the discounts they offer for bundling.

Going Paperless: Sign up so that your premiums can be automatically paid from your savings or checking account to receive a discount. By receiving your documents electronically instead of my mail, you can also lower your insurance rates. You'll also never miss a payment or receive any late fees.

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