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High-Risk Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance For High-Risk Drivers

A motorist can be categorized as "high-risk" by insurance companies for many reasons that involve either some prior fault the on the driver's part or a condition that renders that driver less "safe" for the road compared to others. This does not mean that insurance companies consider somebody to be high-risk as a motorist based purely on whether he or she was convicted of driving under the influence, had infracted traffic regulations, or had been one of the parties who played a direct role in an accident. While incidents such as those obviously negatively affect the status of a hopeful insurance buyer, the high-risk label can be brought on by various other factors.

For example, elderly drivers and young persons who had just started driving can be considered high-risk by default. Drivers of any age who have not been involved in incidents or offenses can be considered high-risk if they have not insured their vehicle in some time. Finally, some types of vehicles are inherently riskier to drive than others, and this applies to older vehicles with outdated components, so owners of these vehicles are likelier to be assigned this label. Ultimately, an insurance company categorizes a person as "high-risk" if it feels that the driver is likelier to file claims than his or her peers.

A high-risk motorist may be disallowed from purchasing standard auto insurance, and thus he or she must turn to companies that provide high-risk policies in order to legally be allowed to drive a particular vehicle. The prices of these types of premiums tend to vary between companies that hand them out because each company uses its own metrics to gauge a given customer's risk level. Even when a high-risk policy is granted, however, companies may attach the caveat that someone else driving the vehicle at the time that it is involved an incident will not be covered if that person fails to meet certain criteria such as being above a certain age limit.

It is typically far more costly to get high-risk coverage because it usually requires the driver to purchase higher levels of coverage and to purchase multiple distinct forms of insurance, including collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage. The expenses will be all the higher if the driver involved has a particularly noteworthy history of infractions and offenses; compared to standard-risk insurance rates, the prices of high-risk policies can easily surpass an extra fifty or sixty percent. Once a high-risk driver has acquired coverage under these rates, however, the rates can steadily lower over time if he or she takes care to drive without causing any further incidents.

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